The high performance internet solution. This Internet connectivity allows for faster downloads for browsing and streaming, ensuring that you get the most out of your Internet experience. It is the Web Without the Wait

Adding a Satellite Connection
(To Your Network Solution)

Add a single satellite connection on your LAN Modem or Proxy Solution, to dramatically speed up your Internet connectivity and distribute this connection across your network to be shared by all users through our satellite connectivity solution. Home users can make use of their existing satellite dish by adding a Dual LNB to be able to watch their TV and browse simultaneously, using the same device.

This high performance Internet access is achieved by taking advantage of the disparity in Internet information flow. With this solution, traffic from the Internet to the client computer normally exceeds requests sent to the Internet in a 10:2 ratio.
The Satellite system creates a loop between the client’s computer and the Internet. Information requests leave the computer via the modem and through the satellite dish back to your network.
Using advanced satellite technology rather than the traditional telecomm infrastructure, the satellite system downloads information from the Internet via the satellite network right into the client’s Local Area Network.


  • High speed Internet connection of 64kbps
  • Faster downloads and browsing hence improved productivity
  • Download large files such as movies, music and complex file documents
  • No limitations on the size of file downloads

Q: What hardware do I require?
A: A PC, a modem, a telephone line, a satellite dish and a receiver card.

Q: Do I still need a modem with the satellite solution?
A: No, you will need a dial-up connection. This connection will need to be maintained for the duration of the Internet session.

Q: Can I distribute satellite connection over a local area network?
A: The satellite card can be installed on a workstation which can then be set to act as a Proxy on the LAN.


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