Real Image’s Pay As You Go is designed for home users who want to take control of their internet usage.

Pay As You go is suitable for occasional Internet access. If you want to go online for a few minutes during the day or a few hours on weekends, you will only pay for time you get to use.
If you are new to the Internet, local call rate is a cost effective way of getting your business online.


  • There are no monthly contract fees, you pay when you want
  • Free Anti Virus and Anti Spam filtering
  • 10 MB mailbox space
  • Technical support available for any enquiries
  • Once off E110.00 joining fee and you are forever in our records
  • No expiry – you become a member for life!


Real Image Offices, MTN Office Park, Smuts Street – Tel: +268 404 7432
Shop No. 16
The Mall
Tel: +268 404 85454

Bhunu Mall
Tel: +268 505 49112/2

Whenever e-mail is sent to, it will automatically be forwarded to all the people on Support Team.


Q: What is Real Image Pay As You Go?
A: Real Image Pay As You Go allows you to access the Internet with no contract and no monthly fee.

Q: What will my e-mail address be?
A: Once your selection has been made from the two real Image domains i.e. or , your email address will be set up as

Q: Can I access my Real Image account abroad?
A: Yes, however, you will need to dial up Swaziland and it may be costly for you.

Q: How do I cancel my Real Image Pay As You Go account?
A: Please contact our Customer Service department on +268 404 7432 to cancel your subscription/account.

Q: What happens if I do not use my Pay As You Go account for a long time?
A: Your account does not expire, irrespective of non-usage periods. Your account will remain on our servers until you inform us of cancellation.

Q: How do I apply for Prepaid Internet?
A: By visiting Real Image offices or internet café and CompuShop, filling out a subscription form (currently not available online), paying the joining fee and purchasing your voucher.
For enquiries, call the Real Image Customer Services to register on +268 404 7432.

Q: What is the Real Image Prepaid Internet technical support number?
A: +268 404 7432

Q: What happens if my Prepaid internet voucher credits run out, I can’t buy another one straight away, but I need access urgently?
A: Depending on your payment records, you can call Customer Services at +268 404 7432 and ask for a recharge, a Point of Sale will be generated on your account and you will be required to settle the amount owed within 48 hours.

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