Try out our LAN modem or Proxy solution for your Network Connectivity Options. With Real Image’s Network Dial Up, shared access is easier and cheaper than providing each user with a separate modem, telephone line and ISP account, all you need is:

  • 1 LAN modem/ Proxy server and
  • 1 telephone line

The LAN Modem Solution/Proxy Solution

Real Image offers you network connectivity solutions for all your necessary corporate needs – we connect your entire network to the internet enabling every user in the office to check email and browse the Web simultaneously.


The multi-user LAN Modem/Proxy solutions are powerful networking solutions. They provide corporate businesses and their branch offices a complete networking, fax, phone and data communications system in one box or software. This solution is easy to install, use and maintain.

-Whenever any workstation on the network requires access to the Internet, the LAN modem/proxy server will automatically dial the Real Image POP and establish a link to the Internet. This is called Dial on Demand.

From that moment, every machine on the LAN/Proxy can access the Internet simultaneously.

If one of the workstations has not made use of the Internet connection for a configurable period of time (usually two or three minutes), the connection is terminated automatically by the LAN modem/Proxy Server.

The LAN modem/Proxy server will then connect automatically when needed.

This solution uses a Proxy System with ISDN Dial on Demand, which accommodate multiple users for simultaneous Internet connectivity with telephone line and one modem.
To implement this system one of your workstations or server will be designated as a Proxy Server. The workstation or server will be used for its normally assigned tasks.
Whenever any workstation on the Network requires access to the internet, the Proxy Server will use the ISDN Hub to automatically dial the Real Image Internet POP, and establish a link to the Internet.
From that moment, every machine on the LAN can access the Internet simultaneously.


  • Security, the LAN modem/Proxy server does not accept incoming calls, this way excluding any possibility of unauthorised external access
  • Routing – the LAN modem integrates a hardware router; therefore reducing speed connectivity is minimal regardless of the number of simultaneous users
  • Automatic Dial up, launch the Internet browser or e-mail application and you are on line. No more dial-up networking.


Q: What does the ISDN LAN Modem/Proxy Server do for me?
A: Real Image’s ISDN LAN Modem and Proxy solution allows you to share Internet access through a single ISDN/Proxy connection. This is much more cost effective than using multiple ISDN/Proxy lines for multiple PCs.

Q: Can I use the ISDN LAN/Proxy for simultaneous voice and data transfer?
A: Yes, the ISDN LAN modem can be configured to allow both voice and data simultaneously so that you can make that important call whilst still maintaining Internet access.

Q: Will I be able to connect if I'm not set on the network?
A: No, you will not be able to connect, you will only connect if you are set on a network.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of users we can have on the network dial up?
A: LAN Modem takes a maximum of 10 users, the more users you have the lesser the chances of getting a faster and better connection.
We strongly recommend a Leased Line connection for over 10 users, this allows more users and a stable connection.

Q: Why is it necessary to be set on a network as opposed to normal dial up connection?
A: It is ideal for corporate Internet sharing and businesses with a set up of more than two users and more.

Q: What speed will I be connecting at if I'm set on a network dial up?
A: This depends on the type of LAN modem you are using; Analog LAN modem gives you a speed of 56k, ISDN LAN modem at 64k and 128k.

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