Leased lines - the Rolls Royce of Internet Connectivity is a high-speed Internet solution for corporate users with large communication and information requirements. Real Image Leased line offers fully managed, high performance and permanently connected Leased line Internet solution.

Our inherent strength is state-of-the-art infrastructure that provides high-speed, load-balanced backbone Internet connectivity. This connectivity comes with a high uptime, and an alternative path for carrying the Internet traffic, in case any of the main links fail.
Our sophisticated network management tools carry out practical monitoring of leased circuits and our performance management tools track bandwidth performance online, ensuring optimal performance. All built on an easy scalable structural design that allows us to increase bandwidth as and when the requirement arises.
NB: This solution requires an application to SPTC to install the Leased line. Real Image will handle the application until its successful completion.
Estimated SPTC installation time frame is approximately 4-5 weeks.


  • Definite transmission speed 8 times faster than the ISDN
  • Fixed monthly charge for your 24/7 usages, you are not charged as you use it
  • Can support any number of users on any network
  • Videoconferencing over the Internet
  • Frequent and easy large file downloads, particularly graphics and photographs
  • Saves time and money thus boosts productivity
  • Throughput. Being the pioneer of Internet services in Swaziland, we have set up the largest domestic as well as international Internet services in the country to ensure you the best throughput possible.
  • Individual e-mail addresses for all users with own domain e.g.- addresses may be
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