This solution uses a Real Image Internet Gateway with ISDN Dial on Demand, which can accommodate multiple users for simultaneous Internet connectivity with 1 telephone line.

Whenever any workstation on the Network requires access to Internet, the Real Image Internet Gateway will use the ISDN line to automatically dial Real Image Internet, and establish a link to the Internet.

From that moment, every machine on the LAN can access the Internet simultaneously. If none of the workstations has made use of the Internet connection for a configurable period (usually three to five minutes), the connection is terminated automatically. The Proxy Sever will then reconnect automatically when needed.

Local Mail Server

The Real Image Internet Gateway will integrate a Mail Server to provide mail services for the whole office.
The e- Mail Server creates an automatic connection to the Internet for simplified e-mail services for the entire office.

The Mail Server will collect all mail and then dial up and connect at regular pre-set intervals to send and receive all mail for all users.

In addition to Internet e-Mail support, the e-Mail Server also supports e-mail between users on the Local Area Network. This means that users can transmit information internally to their co-workers without dialing out.

Cost Savings with the Real Image Internet Gateway

Cost savings result from:

  • Cutting of unnecessary dial ups each time a single user sends or receives e-mail
  • Eliminating unnecessary dial ups when sending e-mail between co-workers
  • User Management
  • Eliminating unnecessary dial ups and extended connectivity periods caused by programs like ICQ, Microsoft Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, radio streaming etc. which try to keep connectivity at all times

User management

User management is simple and easy with Real Image Internet Gateway.
You can set different right for different users or groups of users, such us Full Internet access with Web browsing and e-mail or e-mail only.


  • Eliminates multiple modems and phone lines
  • Fast problem free concurrent connectivity for multiple users
  • Fast file transfers
  • Option of own domain name
  • Individual e-mail addresses for all users
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility

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