The 56K Analog is a standard Dial-up Unlimited Internet Connection Solution that allows speed access to the Internet of up to 56,000 bps.

The term “56K” is used to describe the speed and size of the band over which data is transmitted.

Traditional modem standards assume that both ends of a modem session have an analog connection to the public switched telephone network. Data signals are converted from digital to analog and back again, limiting transmission speeds to 33.6Kbps
By viewing the public switched telephone network as a digital network, V.90 technology (an expertise that is compatible with 56k analog performance) is able to accelerate data downstream from the Internet to your computer at speeds of up to 56Kbps. V.90 technology is ideal for Internet users, because you really need the 56Kbps speed for downloading of Web pages with sound, video and other large files.

All you need is a personal computer, a 56k modem, a telephone line and this will allow you to connect to the internet, surf local and international websites, play games and many more things.


  • 1 master email account plus 4 free additional email addresses.
  • Real Image Spam and Virus filter
  • Free telephonic support.
  • Lower telephone bills


Q: What do I need to connect to the Internet?
A: All you need is a PC, modem and a telephone line.

Q: What are the telephone charges?
A: Your time spent online will be charged at a local call rate.

Q: How do I subscribe?
A: Contact our Customer Service Department at +268 404 7432.

Q: What is Real Image Spam and Virus Filter?
A: This allows the client to set URL filters to restrict users from accessing restricted websites. i.e. pornography.

Q: Can I use the Internet on my cellphone?
A: No. The current cellular network provider does not support Internet calls over their network.

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